The Ultimate Resident Unit

The boomer generation is just entering the assisted living and independent living market. Skilled nursing providers must act now to design the ultimate unit for this generation’s demands. What will these demands require us to change how we design the block resident unit of today? Here are the top five to keep in mind. · Entertain – They will want places for family to sit, be comfortable, and visit in their own private room. They will want services were they can offer their guest a drink or food. A table that can pull-up to the bedside to play a game with grandkids. · Technology – E-readers, Video Chatting with family/ friends, and internet access will be a must. They will

Value Engineering Your Design Project

As and Interior Designer it is my job to give you great ideas for your buildings interiors. We do the design presentation and everyone is excited about how the project is going to look. We start construction, we do some renderings and marketing, and then you receive the dreaded call that in construction they ran into a change order from the GC or contractor, and we must “Value Engineer”. This call then typically means getting rid of all the nice stuff that was presented in the Interior Design package to the client. Right away everyone wants to find cheaper flooring materials, delete the wall-covering accents, decrease the artwork, and find furniture that looks the same but for 50% less.

The Investment in a Dining Chair

The dining chair selection is the most important decision that can be made on a successful renovation or new construction project. When I worked for an operator as an interior designer it was the #1 item we spent on capital budget spending each year. Through-out my career I have researched dining chairs for many clients. As I tell all my clients, the choice has to fit your needs, every chair has its advantage and flaws. Below is an easy guide to use to find the best chair for your dining services. · Metal Chairs – Metal chairs are great in memory care and heavily abused skilled buildings. You can get copper or bronze finishes that can blend with interiors and still present well

Hospitality Services in Senior Living

As an Interior Designer I have been approached lately with the question, “What does the next generation want in Senior Living?” My answer typically is, “What would Mick Jagger want?” The boomer generation that is currently coming into Independent Living and will be approaching Assisted Living and Skilled Care in the next 10-20 years want to be treated special with pampering and luxury services. They see themselves as a guest in the communities and want to be treated as if they are at a retreat or resort. As a designer, I feel this is exactly what we need to give them. We need to start looking at unique ways to bring hospitality services into the communities. Choice of dining is number on

The Concept of Flow

How a seamless flow and optimized space can open up, enhance and reinvent Senior Living communities. While walking through a skilled nursing building and taking scope notes for a recent project, I started to think about the concept of flow. The dictionary defines flow as “movement in or as if in a stream” or something “issued or proceeded from a source.” And it struck me that this idea of a natural flow is particularly relevant to Senior Living today. The concept has been on my mind lately because I often see buildings that are 10, 20 or 30 years old. These buildings have evolved into whatever the communities needed them to be at different points in time. Typically the physical changes have

LED Lighting in Senior Living

Led lighting is finally here. The quality and flexibility opens up a whole new world to how we can design unique accents in the senior living market. Below are just a few ideas on how you can enhance your next renovation or new construction project. By thinking outside of the box we can enhance the future of our resident experience. Ditch the usual breakfast bar routine. Use LED’s behind cabinets or back-splashes to wash the wall with color and create a mood depending on season or community events. You can even create shapes of fruit or food with LED Signage to highlight your menu. Create your story by brining in the local flair of the community by accenting key artwork that shows the hig

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