Award 2016

4 design was presented with the "Best Attendee Contribution" Award at this years Interior & Sources Magazine Design Connections Summit for Healthcare. 50 Interior Designers were personally invited from North America to this years summit to engage and participate in think tanks on the market. Needs with vendors and common design trends and challenges were discussed. These designers will make a huge impact in the hospital and senior living markets by participating in this summit.

Inter-generational design

We just started a case study with 4 new construction projects. We are implementing key ideas for resident to interact with family, community, privately, and with care-givers. As these projects open we will follow their progress and document if our implemented key strategic placements of design items that make a difference in the lives of these dementia tenants and their surroundings. We are hoping for more smiles, more hugs, and overall a happy filled home for everyone.

~ interior solutions ~beyond style ~

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