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LED Lighting in Senior Living

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Led lighting is finally here. The quality and flexibility opens up a whole new world to how we can design unique accents in the senior living market. Below are just a few ideas on how you can enhance your next renovation or new construction project. By thinking outside of the box we can enhance the future of our resident experience.

  • Ditch the usual breakfast bar routine. Use LED’s behind cabinets or back-splashes to wash the wall with color and create a mood depending on season or community events. You can even create shapes of fruit or food with LED Signage to highlight your menu.

  • Create your story by brining in the local flair of the community by accenting key artwork that shows the highlights of the area’s attractions. An example would be an area known for its architecture, you can mount graphics on a wall or have sculptures made showing off the attraction, and accent them with LED lighting to draw the eye along a corridor or accent wall. A great way to take a resident down memory lane.

  • Simplify accents by using LED rope or strips to accent cove details in a dining room. Use lighting around a bathroom door or unit door to help residents find their way at night. Use around a vanity mirror to wash the wall and also use as a soft nightlight. Use the lighting in areas to add a soft touch to a room like a library at night without having every light on in the room. Use accents before bedtime to start decreasing light levels gradually to help your residents know the time of day, and to prepare for sleep.

  • Accent, Accent, Accent, and Create! Led lighting can do so much more than a paint color to accent a wall or headboard wall in a unit. Use the Lighting in the bathing room or spa to help relax the resident by creating a mood or color. You could even create images and graphics on a wall, and they could chose which they would like to see during their spa time.

  • Artistic Sconces can be created with flat LED lighting sheets that can bend and be shaped however you want to be unique to your design and the flow of the space. Create a drawing of what you would like to do and quote it with your local LED supplier. The more we challenge the market the more affordable and artistic we will be able to become.

  • Have Fun by using colored LED’s on glass spa benches or white stone surfaces. Down-light and up-light to make the space interesting. Create shapes in a metal ceiling with different color lamps to create a focal point. Use in an outdoor meditation garden to create points of interest.

It is an endless artistic pallet of what can be created with LED’s. My advice is to start using them in creative challenging ways today; to make your projects stand out!

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